I like writing stuff and I have managed to get the odd article published in various astronomy magazines, namely the Webb Deep Sky Society‘s Deep Sky Observer and Amateur Astronomy Magazine. I’ll put articles on here for anyone to read if they’re interested in them.

Astronomy and Me – A little retrospective thingy about how I got into all this, up to the present day.

Astronomy and Me 2 – A bit more of the above

Binocular Deep Sky Project – I did this as a follow-on from the Binocular Messier project. **NEW**

Binocular Messier project – When I was scopeless a few years ago, I began a little observing project to see how many Messier objects I could see through my 8×42 binoculars. I began this in May 2005, when I was living in Southampton, and finished it in June 2008 at the Texas Star Party.

Deep Sky Observing and Sketching – This is a version of an article I sent to Amateur Astronomy Magazine and published in AA #61 (Spring 2009).

Hickson Galaxy Groups – Like many amateurs before me, I have embarked on a project to see as many of these as possible.

Observing Globular Clusters at the Texas Star Party

Small(er) Scope Observing – Observing with an 8″ Newtonian

So you want to do deep sky observing? – Some advice for newcomers to deep sky observing.

Supernova SN2011dh – The recent (June 2011) supernova in M51

Visual v Imaging – Imaging isn’t necessarily the ‘way to go’ when it comes to getting a visual record of a night’s observing.