Here is a list of other astronomy web-pages that I like or have found useful. I usually only include web pages about visual observing, although there are also one or two astro-imaging websites included as they belong to friends.
If you have a regularly-updated web site that is about astronomy, especially visual observing, star parties, telescopes, etc, and you’d like it added, just email me and I’ll add it to the list. Also, if you find any broken/duff links, please let me know. Please do not send emails requesting the addition of websites that have nothing to do with astronomy or astronomy-related subjects.

Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any content whatsoever of external websites. As far as I know, all the sites I’ve listed are benign, safe and free of viruses and malware, but  like everything else on the net, it pays to be careful before clicking and to always have up-to-date firewall, anti-virus, anti-pop up and anti-malware software running.

Personal home pages
A Darker View (US) A visual observer and photographer from Hawaii.
Adventures in Deep Space (US) Challenging observing projects for amateur astronomers
Andreas Domenico’s Visual Deep Sky Observing (GER) Lots of detailed drawings by a German amateur using an 18″ scope.
Arp Galaxies (GER) German site (with English-language option) dedicated to the Arp Galaxies, with photos, descriptions and drawings
Astro Visuell (GER) Another very nice German deep sky observing site.
Astronómadas (ESP) Leonor Ana Hernández and Fernando Fonseca’s website, ‘Experiences under the starry sky’.
Astronomie Amateur Observation Visuelle et Astrodessins (FR) Serge Vieillard’s Deep Sky sketches
Astronomy Sketch of the Day: Sketching’s answer to Astronomy Photo of the Day
Backyard Astronomy for Amateur Astronomers (NL) Useful site containing hints and tips, etc.
Barbara Wilson (US) Homepage of Houston, Texas, visual deep sky observer Barbara Wilson. It’s not been updated for a long time, but there’s some interesting astronomy bits and pieces there.
Belt of Venus (US) Jeremy Perez’ observing and sketch site
Brandon Doyle’s Astronomy page (US) Astronomy and sketch page by Brandon Doyle, who has done some of the best sketches I have ever seen.
Buddy Barbee (US) Buddy is a visual observer from Piedmont, NC.
Celestial Sphere (FIN) Arctic amateur astronomy by Juha Ojanperä
Chippingdale Observatory (UK) Dale Holt’s sketches
Clear Skies on Demand (NL) Math Heijen’s blog
Cosmic Voyage (US) Bill Ferris’ site with lots of links and articles.
Deep Sky Adventures (UK) Darren Bushnall’s new website
Deep Sky Archive (FIN) An archive of many deep sky sketches by Finnish amateur astronomers.
Deep Sky Watch (Israel) Deep sky sketches and articles by Michael Vlasov.
Deepsky-visuell (GER) Uwe Glahn’s superb visual deep sky observing website
Dessins de Ciel Profond Extrême (FR) Bertrand Laville’s deep sky sketches
Doug Snyder’s Planetary Nebulae (US) Comprehensive site devoted to PNe.
Emil Neata (RO) Visual Deep Sky Astronomy in Romania
(ESP) Sketches from southern Europe. Text in Catalan and English
Faint Fuzzies (US) Alvin Huey’s deep sky observing site. He has an excellent series of observing guides available from here, including free downloadable ones.
Graphite Galaxy (HU) Ferenc Lovró’s sketches
HansenAstro (US) Steph Hansen’s observing website
Iiro Sairanen’s Deep Sky Sketches
(FIN) Iiro Sairanen lives in Finland, which is even less astronomy-friendly (higher latitudes, doesn’t get dark for about three months in summer, worse weather, frigid cold) than the UK is, but his observations are outstanding.
Infinity (US) Becky Ramotowski’s blog
Interstellar Sketching – Jay Eads’ website featuring his deep sky sketches
Ivan Maly’s Deep Sky Blog – Deep sky observing from a blue zone in Pennsylvania
Jay’s Astronomical Observing Blog (US) Observing in Utah
Jeff Burtons’ Astronomy Blog (US)
Jimi’s Page (US) Hosted by Dark Skies Apparel, this showcases Jimi Lowrey’s sketches, made with his 48″.
Juha’s Deep Sky Pages (FIN) Juha Ojanperä’s sketches.
L’Astronomie du côté de chez Xav (FR) Xavier Camer’s sketches and travels
Lost Pleiad Observatory (US) Alan S’s blog. There’s a sad story behind the observatory’s name, too.
Marko Tuhkunen (FIN) A website from Finland, with Messier and NGC sketches.
Mark Allison’s Astro Site (UK) Sketches and observations from Warrington.
Night Sky Hunter Martin McKenna’s site, mostly about comets and hunting comets from Maghera, Northern Ireland. The logbook section is particularly good.
Paul Alsing’s Page (US) Charts and descriptions of objects by constellation. A lot of good stuff here.
PCW Memorial Observatory: Erika Rix’s deep sky, solar and lunar sketches
Ray Cash’s Deep Sky Page (US) Various articles etc.
Robert Reeves’ Astrophotography (US) I usually only list visual-related pages but Robert is a friend so I have added his excellent photography site.
Roger Ivester (US) Blog, with sketches and articles from Roger, who is in Boiling Springs NC.
Rony’s Astronomy Site Small scope sketches from Rony, in Belgium
Skyhound (US) Observing site by Greg Crinklaw
Sky Inspector (UK) The Astronomy website of Martin Lewis
Splendeurs de ceil profond (FR) ‘Splendours of the deep sky’ Laurent Ferrero’s deep sky sketches
Sternenfreunde Eichsfeld (GER) Excellent German-language site
Ted’s Astropix (US) Astrophotos and TSP journals from my friend Ted Saker.
The Hardencroft Observatory Page (UK) Andrew Leighton’s website featuring his sketches and other info.
The World At Night Gorgeous photos of night skies over landscapes.
Tom Polakis’ Observing Notes (US) Tom’s observing notes, over 3800 observations.
Tom Polakis’ Sky Photography (US) Tom and Jennifer’s photos of sky, landscapes and things of interest, including star parties.
Tony Flanders’ Astronomy Site (US) Tony is the Associate Editor of Sky and Telescope; his website has useful articles and information.
Uncle Rod’s Astro Blog Rod Mollise’s blog
Undermidnight (US) Jason Hissong’s astronomy blog
Upside Down Astronomy (Aus) Alex and James Pierce’s blog *NEW LINK*
Wes Stone’s Astronomy For The People (US) Full of articles, drawings and star party reports.
White Oaks (US) Morris (Mojo)  and Jane Houston Jones’ website. All sorts, including astronomy and JHJ’s sketches.

Tutorials, etc
Andy’s Shot Glass (US) Brilliant website full of information and video tutorials on subjects such as collimation, mirror cleaning, observing and so on. If you’re having problems with collimation, check out the ‘Collimating a Newtonian’ video, it is brilliant and explains the process in simple steps. Afterwards, collimation will be a piece of cake.

Astronomy Sketch of the Day The sketch version of Astronomy Photo of the Day
Cloudy Nights Sketching Forum

Information and databases
Arp Catalogue of Peculiar Galaxies
Astronomical League Run out of ideas for observing programs? You’ll find new ones here.
Clouds of Magellan (AUS) Information about the Magellanic Clouds
Learn Astronomy HQ UK-based website with a constellation and DSO guide. (NOR) Mikkel Steine’s website with resources for the deep sky observer. Includes a list generator, etc.
NetAstroCatalog (US) The Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog (IAAC or ‘netastrocatalog’ for short) is a forum for amateur astronomers at all levels to share their observations of Deep-Sky objects.
NGC/IC Project home page (US) Corrects the various errors in the New General and Index Catalogues. Large links page
WEBDA (SUI) A site devoted to stellar clusters in the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds

AmAstro Yahoo Group A retromoderated mailing list dedicated to the discussion of amateur astronomy, with an emphasis on observing.
Astrosketch A moderated, members-only list dedicated to sketching astronomical objects, from the Moon and planets to the Deep Sky.
Cloudy Nights Forum (US) A forum for amateur astronomers, covering all aspects of amateur astronomy. The biggest and best forum on the net.
Deep Sky Forum The newest and only online forum solely dedicated to deep sky observing
DeepSkyHunters A Yahoo Group dedicated to the exchange of useful information between amateur and professional astronomers.
Ice In Space (AUS) Australian astronomy forum, but worthwhile for Northern Hemisphere observers, too, especially those of us who have been there or those who wish to go there.
Starstuff Small forum for astronomy and alternative living discussion.
Telescope Junkies (US) Telescope forum full of useful info and advice

Star Parties
Equinox Star Party (UK) The UK’s premier star party held twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, at Kelling Heath, Norfolk, England
Eldorado Star Party (US) The autumn version of TSP and run by the same people but held at the X-Bar Ranch near Eldorado, TX.
Golden State Star Party (US) California’s premier star party, held each summer in northeastern California
Isle of Wight Star Party (UK) Started in 2008 this is a rapidly growing star party, held under the very dark skies of the south-western Isle of Wight in Southern England
Kielder Forest Star Camp (UK) Held in the north of England, near the border with Scotland, twice a year.
Nebraska Star Party (US) Held each summer at Merritt Reservoir, near Valentine, NE
Okie-Tex Star Party (US) An autumn (fall) star party at Camp Billy-Joe, near Kenton, Oklahoma
OzSky (US/AUS) Formerly known as the ‘Deepest South Texas Star Safari’ this is held every year at Coonabarabran, ‘Australia’s Fort Davis’.
Queensland Astrofest (AUS) Held during the austral winter, at Lion’s Camp Duckadang near Linville, Qld.
South Pacific Star Party (AUS) Australia’s premier star party
Stellafane (US) Not a star party as such but a telescope makers’ convention
Texas Star Party (US) The premier astronomical event in the world, held under the excellent skies of South-west Texas
Winter Star Party (US) The second star party after TSP

Clubs, Societies and Groups
Astronomical Society of New South Wales (AUS)
British Astronomical Association (UK) The UK’s premier society for amateur astronomers, with a deep sky section.
Fort Bend Astronomy Club (US) One of the Houston area astronomy clubs. Has dubious fame for pranks at the TSP
Hampshire Astronomical Group (UK) Based near Portsmouth, this is one of the UK’s largest societies
Hants Astro (UK) A new online observing group based in Hampshire, England
Houston Astronomical Society (US) Based in Houston, Texas. Interesting, informative site, with many links and other bits and pieces.
SAGAS (UK) Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies – a sort of ‘umbrella’ organisation for the Southern England’s astronomy societies.
San Antonio Astronomical Association (US) Astronomy club of San Antonio, TX.
Saguaro Astronomy Club (US) An Arizona astronomy society’s website with articles and resources.
Solent Amateur Astronomers (UK) A Southampton based society.
Southampton Astronomical Society (UK) Southampton’s main astro society
Society For Popular Astronomy (UK) General, national, astronomy society covering all aspects of the subject.
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers (US) Even if you are not American, this is worth visiting.
The Astronomical League (US) If you’ve run out of ideas for observing programs, this is the place to find new ideas.
The Webb Deep Sky Society (UK) The premier deep sky observer’s society.
Three Rivers Foundation (AUS/US) 3RF is a non-profit organisation providing education and services to astronomers and public outreach.
TSP Shade Tree Gang Meets on seven days for one week a year.
Vectis Astronomical Society (UK) The Isle of Wight’s astronomy society and my home society.

Anti Light Pollution
Campaign for Dark Skies (UK)
Campaign For The Protection Of Rural England (UK)
International Dark Sky Association (US)

Equipment suppliers (the companies based in the USA ship to Europe but UK and EU import taxes are a rip-off and shipping fees for telescopes are costly)
Astronomia (UK) Based in Surrey, they support astronomy events in the south, including the Isle of Wight Star Party
CCTS Camera Concepts (US) Based in New York State, but they are usually at the major star parties
Dark Skies Apparel (US) Dragan and Anja Nikin’s site which sells hooded observing vests (I have one, totally brilliant product and I wouldn’t be without it now) and other astronomy-related products
David Lukehurst (UK) Maker of large truss and ultra-compact Dobsonians, from 12″ to 30″. Based on the Obsession design.
Equatorial Platforms UK The only UK supplier of tracking platforms.
First Light Optics (UK) One of the UK’s largest astronomy retailers.
Green Witch (UK) Scopes, eyepieces, wildlife watching
Lockwood Custom Optics (US) Interesting articles as well as fine mirrors up to 42″
Nichol Optical (UK) John Nichol makes premium astronomical mirrors from 12″ to 24″
Obsession (US) The original truss-tube design by Dave Kriege and the one the rest are based on. Scopes range in size from 12.5″ to 25″.
Oldham Optical (UK) Premium mirrors from 14″ up to 30″
Optical Vision (UK) Suppliers of Helios, SkyWatcher, Tal and Zenith scopes and binoculars.
Orion Optics UK Not to be confused with Orion telescopes of the USA, Orion Optics UK make telescopes and mirrors from 6″ to 20″.
Starmaster Portable Telescopes (US) Dobs from 11″ to 30″, will ship 22″ and smaller scopes internationally.
Starstructure (US) Dobs from 12.5″ up to 30″
Telescope House (UK) Scopes, eyepieces, books
Teeter’s Telescopes (US) Hand-built Dobsonians from Rob Teeter of New Jersey. Sizes from 8″ to 20″.
Widescreen Centre (UK) London astronomy showroom
Zambuto Optical Company (US) Another maker of premium optics from 8″ up to 24″.

Astronomical travels
AstroAdventures (UK) Astronomy holidays in Devon
COAA (UK) Centro de Observação Astronómica no Algarve. Astronomy holiday centre, run by a British couple, on Portugal’s Algarve.
Galloway Astronomy Centre (UK) In southwest Scotland, this is one of the darkest places in Britain
Les Granges (FR) Astronomy vacations in the south of France
San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations (CL) Astronomy lodge in the Atacama Desert
Tivoli (DE) A farm in Namibia which offers southern sky observing opportunities and telescopes to hire

Magazines, etc
Amateur Astronomy Magazine (US) Subscription-only quarterly magazine written by amateurs for amateurs. It doesn’t contain glossy photos of planet flybys, Hubble shots or all the hard science of the mainstream mags, but has articles on observing, star parties, telescope-making and all the other stuff that amateurs really want to read.
Astronomy (US)
Astronomy Now (UK)
Deep Sky Magazine (US) No longer published, sadly – and is much-missed – but you can buy PDF scans of it here.
Sky and Telescope (US)

Weather, Sunrise and Sunset times
BBC weather Their forecasts come from the Met Office.
Sat24 Shows where the clouds – and clear patches – are and where they are moving.
Sunrise, sunset, Moon rise/set times Very useful website as it also has astronomical/civil/nautical twilight times.
The Time and Place (UK) Sunrise/set times, moon rise and set times and twilight times. You can look up the information by UK post code, US zip code or world maps.
The Weather Outlook Got the mixed bag summer of 2010 spot on. Also more accurate than the BBC  as it comes from a variety of sources