Australia, here I come…? Maybe

If things work out as well as I hope they might, I may be going to OzSky 2013. This depends on work over the winter, though, my current job is fine during the summer, when it is at its busiest, but will go right down to only a few hours a week in winter. That, at least, will help pay my share of the bills, but if I can get something else (instead of or along with this job) then it looks do-able.
I have been to OzSky before, in 2009. It was known as the Deepest South Texas Star Safari then and I could only stay one night as I had to get to Wollongong for a pelagic birdwatching trip I was booked on. It was a disaster, that one night was clouded out, with heavy rain and the same storm system responsible for that also ensured the pelagic didn’t go ahead. I couldn’t make it back to Coonabarabran, due to lack of funds and I was¬†also¬†heading off to Bangkok a few days later. To say this was annoying is an understatement and it could be said that I have Unfinished Business there.

Failing that, as it is in March, there’s always Queensland AstroFest later in the year, usually held in July or August. That is very do-able.