On Friday I had an email from the AL Award Co-ordinator for the Globular Cluster Program, Bob Kerr, to say my award was in the post. A large envelope duly arrived this afternoon containing a nice letter from Bob, a certificate and the award pin.


I know some people look down their noses at observing awards but who cares what they think? Observe however you think fit, not how others tell you to. And if you can get a nice bit of bling in the process then what’s not to like?

I’m now waiting to hear from the Binocular Deep Sky award co-ordinator; I sent the observations off to her about two weeks before the Globular Cluster observations but so far I’ve not heard anything back. All in good time…

Well done England for qualifying for the knock-out stages of Euro 2012 and top of the group, no less. Italy are up next.