Common sense prevails

The proposed bill by (obscure) MP Rebecca Harris to move the clocks forward by one hour in winter, thus scrapping GMT, and two hours in summer – thus completely wrecking any chance of doing any serious observing in late spring, summer and early autumn – has been thrown out because it is in danger of alienating the Scots.

This is a great result for amateur astronomers everywhere in the UK. ‘Double summertime’ (GMT+2 from March to October) was a ludicrous idea for many reasons – not least stupidly dark winter mornings, even here in southern England – and it is great that it is not going to receive (waste) any parliamentary time until at least 2015.

The real reason for the government deciding not to back this is, of course, the Scots agitating for independence – or, rather, their SNP-led parliament is – and the UK government does not want to aggravate the Scots people into voting in favour of splitting up the Union.

In your face, Rebecca Harris!

Always did like them Scots. 😉