Deep Sky Magazine

When I first got into serious deep sky observing, around 1992, the seminal Deep Sky Magazine had already been consigned to the annals of astronomy history. This excellent little magazine was started by David Eicher in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and went on to be published by the same people responsible for Astronomy Magazine before being axed by the publishers in 1992.
How I heard about DS Magazine was through its mention in the Webb Society Deep Sky Observer and also through reading a few copies at someone’s house during a visit to Australia in 1997, from then I wanted to get my hands on some copies of DSM.

I tried to track down copies of DSM via the net without much success, but got lucky when Dave Eicher himself had a load for sale. I have since completed my collection with a few more copies that I came by via the net and just recently, downloadable pdf copies available on Kalmbach Publishing’s web site. The scans aren’t great, but they only cost $3.95 a copy and are well worth getting hold of.

This was a great little publication and I don’t believe it was adequately replaced, although the Webb Deep Sky Society’s Deep Sky Observer and the excellent Amateur Astronomy Magazine come fairly close between them, although I don’t think either are quite as good – AA is my favourite mag, but falls short a bit on deep sky observing articles although it’s excellent for star party articles and the amateur scene and DSO is not quite as good as DSM was. Some DSM articles were published in David Eicher’s Galaxies and the Universe, although for the whole DSM experience, getting hold of the magazine itself is well worth the cost.