New observing challenge

Actually managed the first observing session since the end of June last night, 24th October 2008. As I was tired I couldn’t be bothered to lug the scope out so I took the binoculars (8×42) out. After finishing the Astronomical League Messier Binocular Award (see previous post), I have now began the AL Deep Sky Binocular Award.
It was cloudless but chilly and breezy with steady seeing (not a twinkle to be seen!).
It got off to a decent start with 12 objects in and around Cassiopeia, Perseus and Camelopardalis, all open clusters: NGC’s 869 and 884 (together making up the Double Cluster), 663, 457, 129, 1893 and 1528, Stock 2, Trumplers 2 and 3, Kemble 1, Collinder 463 and Melotte 20 (the Alpha Persei Association).