I haven’t gone away, I am still here. However, since getting off to a flying start 2010’s observing has taken a nosedive, with endless crap weather and almost constant cloud cover. We did have three clear(ish) nights at the end of January, but these were – typically – around a Full Moon, so I didn’t bother. I haven’t even seen Mars this opposition.
Like other amateurs, I am hoping that the coming spring will bring clear skies and galaxies.

I got my registration confirmation for TSP a couple of weeks ago. It’s looking likely that I’ll be there but that’s subject to an upcoming temporary work contract which begins on 15th February. If that falls through and I can’t get anything else, I’ll have to give TSP a miss. My fingers are crossed that all will be well, though
In the meantime, we have the now annual Isle of Wight Star Party to look forward to in March, from Thursday 11th to Monday 15th March. I am a volunteer for this event, so I’ll be there from the Friday night until the Sunday evening. Obviously, I hope we have good weather for this, not only for the – hopefully lengthy – observing sessions, but because I am camping and don’t fancy it if the weather’s unpleasant.