TSP 2012 part 2 is done…

…and you can read it here.

After this great trip to Texas it’s not so much as ‘back to earth with a bump’ as ‘back to earth with a resounding crash and lying in the wreckage’! It’s hard to feel motivated to do anything at the moment and I feel flatter than a squashed snake in a rut. I’ve also got a dental abscess which doesn’t help! And neither does the crap weather I have come back to with low temperatures, rain, grey skies and the lights on at 3pm – in MAY ffs!!
Jet lag doesn’t normally affect me much, if it does I am usually done with it in a day or two, but this time  it has lasted nearly a week. I suspect the all-nighters and three hours’ sleep a day has got something to do with it as has the grim weather.