Sketch the lot? Or not?

Looking back at some of my past observing sessions, I wonder if I should go about things slightly differently. I love sketching what I see as it’s nice to have a pictorial record of your sessions. However, the downside of this is that I don’t cover as much ground as I would like, maybe only doing five to ten objects in a session as opposed to maybe twenty or thirty. No, it’s not a race, but last year I began the Herschel 400 and, because I sketch objects as well as describing them, it is progressing at a much slower rate than I am happy with – to date I have only completed a paltry 5%, although this is due in part to me being easily distracted and wandering off to seek interesting non-Herschel objects nearby – and I am thinking that maybe, for the purposes of completing the H400, I should stick to written descriptions and the odd sketch instead of trying to sketch the whole lot.
So, for my next observing sesh, I will do only written descriptions and sketch maybe one in three or one in five of the objects and see how it goes. Hopefully the result will be that I cover a lot more ground.